Monday, August 26, 2013

Nature - Mother

We have often associated nature with Mother. "Mother Nature" is a very commonly used word by most of us or at least would have been heard by many of us. Have you ever thought the similarities nature has with our lifestyle. Have you ever wonder what messages nature gives to all of us.
Well, look at some of the messages given by mother nature to all of us.

1. Never pay attention to criticism  "Why does it have to rain now"? "Oh Hell, this is too hot a weather to go for shopping"? These are common statements heard by you. But Mother nature does not pay attention to these words. It does it work. It know what is best for environment, what is best to keep the balance in our environment.

2. Give back and help others: A flower is born after a seed is placed inside the mother nature's womb. When the flower is born and grown , it works and produces a beauty. Moment you look at it, you get a smile on your face and you feel good. When flower starts producing nectar,it is supplied to honey bee as food. So what does flower have to do with nectar. It produces it and serves it to the honey bees.

3, Do not hate and always love all: Have you ever seen trees, rivers , fruits or flowers fighting with each other. They are all splendid in what they do, how they stand and they are firm. Even if there are two rivers meeting at one point, they flow silently after the meeting and always stay together.

4. Stand firm: Mountains, Trees teaches us to be firm in our standing. They say "Stand tall but yet be grounded" . No matter how high you grow, but keep your feets firm on the ground.

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